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I was surprised how fast I filled the pod. On me Hard Drive, every game has its own subdirectory so I lost track a long time ago of exactly how much dopey music I was keeping around but evidently it's rather a lot. The pod's capacity is "only" 512 megabytes (more like 492, really) but without voice samples I generally can't aurally discern one bitrate from another above 96kpbs or whatever, meaning I can cram more junk (around 200 items, currently) on to the thing than I would imagine most other people could. My tolerance for cheap playback equipment seems to be consistent with this. Prior to this I didn't really ever have headphones that weren't used and sort of broken. I grew up surrounded by broken technology. Maybe when I get famous I will ascend to electronic adequacy, ha ha, weep. Or at least get some more RAM in this thing, great gimpity.

A majority of my posts are impulsive nonsense, but the some of the ones in this thread I had to think about and that's always worth procrastinating over.
Ehhhctually, two months of consistent activity is longer than I've used a forum in perhaps some years. Of course if it was active at its peak levels I'd probably give up trying to follow the proceedings within a week and not say anything. At current there are virtually no proceedings so it's easy to see what, if anything, is going on.

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