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I just finished listening to it. Full disclosure: I've listened to every Metallica album, but own none of them (well, someone gave me Garage Inc, but that doesn't really count).

I think there's something about the older albums (pre black album) that keeps them separate from the rest of their catalog, and this album (IMO, only listening to it once) does nothing to change that. It still sounds like the "new" Metallica.

Still, while I would say the black album was their sell out album and Load/ReLoad/St. Anger were the band floundering to cope with their commercial success (Load/ReLoad) and attempting to regain credibility (while continuing to sell out - St. Anger), Death Magnetic sounds like a legitimate return to form. All they want to do is thrash, and it's evident in this album. There is no radio single here (as evidenced by their first single being 8 minutes long -- which, I should note, isn't just a dragged-out 4 minute song like St. Anger's title track).

But, again, even though they're finally returning to their old style, it doesn't sound quite the same. As well it shouldn't. They're a different band (in more ways than one) now than they were pre black album. They sound older. They sound cleaner.

It sounds good, though. If I were in the mood for some metal, I'd have no problem throwing this on.
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