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Default Re: Newbie hacking Questions

> you could tell the program that range and the desired
> checksum, and it would alter the bytes to provide the
> desired checksum.

IIRC, there isn't really such a thing as a "desired" checksum. There's the actual checksum of the rom + header, and there's the checksum that is reported in the rom's header. All you have to do is figure out the checksum of the rom + header, and then put that checksum value in the header (along with some offset byte to keep the checksum value in the header from changing the rom + header's checksum <img src=smilies/retard.gif>).

There are definitely tools out there that will do all this for you.

However, I have to echo KingMike's response in saying that the checksum doesn't really matter. An snes emulator will alert you that the checksum is incorrect (as it's an indicator that your rom might be corrupt), but that won't stop the game from loading. It sounds like some important data was modified
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