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Default Re: Digging Up Old Arguments

> Hmmm....could you be more specific about which part of the
> site you want to talk about? That's a lot of material.

I apologize. The stuff that related to our previous discussion were the various chance events that allowed for life on earth.</a> is one of the major points, without giving probabilities. It gives a linguistic explanation of some critical parameters for life to exist (some of it is inevitably linked to life as we know it, though).</a> is a link to the probabilities of various parameters of Earth's location/set up that point at creation rather than chance occurrance.</a> is the subtopic these two come from, with even more data. I've picked two of the highly specific listings, but there are even more.

> My general view on the issue is that literalism (i.e. the
> several thousand year old universe) is absurd, but that
> "creation" is fully compatible with the current scientific
> understanding. I don't remember the exact issue we were
> confronting in our argument, so you might have to clarify.

Don't get me wrong here; I have no desire to get back into the argument. I just finally found a link that backed up one of my points. It's "creation evidence" aimed at a more scientific audience (with a lot of the arguments being directed through astrophysics), and I was wondering what you thought of it.

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