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Default Earthbound (NES prototype)

Hi everyone, just have a question that I wanted your opinion on. I am looking into downloading the English prototype of Earthbound for the NES. (Don't worry admins, I'm not asking where I can find the rom.) Now it is my understanding that when the rom was first acquired back in the day, that the emulators of the day couldnt handle it in its good dump format. So a hack was made to make it playable, but the hack activated the anti-piracy in the game. So it was hacked again, problem solved. The good dump was of course titled "Earthbound" and the hacks were named "Earthbound Zero". Ok, so enough of the history lesson and onto my question. My question is, can the emulators of the present day (latest versions of FCEUX or Nestopia) finally handle the good dump of "Earthbound", without running into the anti-piracy messages or needing the "Earthbound Zero" hacks? I really don't want to use the hacks, I want to play the game in its true format...
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