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Default Re: more of a question

I'm posting part of an AIM conversation I had with someone. I've edited it to remove who it was I was talking to, and I'm changing the format to make more sense.

Friend: "The thing you should ask yourself, and that I'm asking myself now, is: 'Does the world need a better Zophar's Domain?' Would your efforts be better spent on a site run by someone who cares?"

Me: "That, my friend, is exactly what I wonder. ZD was the first community I really ever joined and I hate to see it languish. But maybe it's the only thing that can happen. Maybe it really is dead. And my fighting, and arguing, would lead to little more than a band-aid to patch a cancer."

I'm not arguing in this post. I have a lot to think about on this... obviously, I'm not going to get the access I want until I have some sort of 'peace offering' - a download system, or something. And I'm scared to invest that time into it when its use isn't guaranteed when all is said and done.

And worst yet, to hand it over to someone that gives no sign of actually caring about the outcome.

I seem to have your support, Disch, and I thank you for that. I know I have Lenophis' support, and Ian's. I even have an 'inside man' who is willing to work with me, as far as getting test items up on the ZD server.

I have a lot to churn over and consider.
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