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Default Re: more of a question

This is getting overly complicated, and needlessly cluttered with side-arguments and past grudges.

Let's look at the facts, and the problem that is before us.

Odds are pretty good no one is going to design an entire site just to hand it over to someone else for funsies (I know you seem to think "that's how it works" -- but it's time to fess up -- it obviously hasn't been working that way). And my gut tells me you wouldn't be willing to pay for a site design. So demanding a 'full design or nothing' is essentially ensuring you'll get nothing. If this doesn't appear as forseeable logic -- I think the status of the past few years of ZD serve as proof.

That leaves us with 2 choices:

A) 'Stick to your guns' and demand a full design or nothing. ZD remains idle, outdated and stale.

B) Give Packard access to the site so he can touch it up and update it. While it isn't as nice of a solution as a full site redesign... it's still at least some form of progress. In addition to that -- it in no way damages any hope for a new design -- as a new design could still just as easily come along.

So that's it. Choice A leaves us idle as we are. Choice B aids the site at seemingly no cost. I mean really -- if there's a downside to option B that I'm not seeing. Please let me know. Because I really don't see it. I mean is it hard to give him access to the site or something?

We have someone here who is ready willing and able to put some work into the site and possibly breathe a little bit of life back to it -- but you're shutting it out with "No -- my way or the highway". I mean you're not even giving any reason -- you're just refusing.

You talk about all these people complaining and whining -- and I have to say that over the years I've found a lot of that whining to be coming from you. "People always blame me for things I don't do", "People are pissed that the site is outdated but it's not my fault/problem", "Nobody's willing to do the work needed to fix the site". I mean really... if the site is as big of a burden on you as you make it out to be... you'd think you'd want to hand it over to someone willing to dig in and fix things up. You've made it abundantly clear you have no intention of doing so yourself -- by reasons either relating to lack of interest or lack of time. Both understandable and acceptable reasons.

But you've got the power, and you're just sitting on it. Someone else has come along willing to take advantage of it -- willing to put it to use. If you're not going to use it -- hand it over to someone that will. Packard will use it. I know he's not your favorite person in the world. Hell you might even hate his guts. But it'd be good for ZD.

Perhaps it's finally time to pass the torch?
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