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Default Re: more of a question

> Just do the fucking site instead of bitching about it.

If I "just do the fucking site", as you so laughingly suggest, what exactly would be my driving motivation? If I put that much work into doing a new emulation site on my own server with my own code and my own files, why, exactly, would I just hand it over to you and kiss my work goodbye?

Whatever, man. I've put my best foot forward, and I've put my worst forward too. I've gone from begging to demanding, and nothing comes of it. I've been the nice guy, and I've been the asshole.

I guess there's the problem - I've tried everything short of designing a new site from scratch, investing that time into everything... and then handing it over to you for you to either 1) take take credit for it, or 2) slap it aside.

Listen to yourself. "Awful designs"... even now, you'll openly complain about _attempts_ people have made in the past. When have you ever said, say, "Okay, I don't like that color scheme... instead of a bright blue banner, why not try something darker?" You don't. You say "I hate it, throw it out and stop fucking around. Show me a finished product."

I don't know what to do here, Sam. I don't know what to do. You're asking me to design a new ZD from scratch with -nothing- to go off of, beyond the current site and my own desires -- which other people have done in the past, to have you puke over. You don't work with people, where this site is concerned. You descend from upon high, raise your mighty fist, and bitch at the people who would actually attempt to make a future for this site.

I'm not trying to win an argument - I'm trying to get someone, SOMEONE, to admit that yes, ZD as it was is dead and gone. I'm trying to get someone to admit that NO REAL WORK is being done on the site as it is. I'm trying to get someone to put together a list of features or desires for the site. I'm trying to get this broken ass forum replaced.

If I had the money to put together a new emulation archive for myself, I'd do it in a heartbeat - but I don't have that sort of cash. Nor do I really have the desire to start sucha project. I want to fix THIS site, not create a new one. I already said before, I use Emulation64 for my emu updates. Other forum goers here admit all they come to ZD for is the forums anymore... so hell, why not strip ZD down, shove a htaccess redirect so the domain loads up only the forums, and call it a day?

You don't even admit defeat. You cling to the skeleton of a broken site and forbid people from making updates to it, at all. And you expect me to shut up on it? I've SHOWN these people updates to the site, and I had to go AROUND you to do that. People have THANKED me for what LITTLE work I've done... imagine how great it would be if the goddamned SITE worked again! If it were updated, and spitpolished.

And your answer, as it always has been, is "Do the work for me. Do it all, knowing I'll probably find something wrong with it, and instead of working with you to fix it, I'll tell you to shove it up your ass."

In short, you haven't motivated me to trust you, or to assist you. My interest isn't in bettering YOU, Sam. It's in bettering ZD. The site. The community. And my hands are tied, because I have no -realistic- way of doing that.
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