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Originally Posted by Umiliphus View Post
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Originally Posted by Morgoth View Post
It sounds like you're describing experience rather than morals. Experience would be, I guess, everything you've learned in your life up to the point where you would make the decision. Whereas morals seem like they would be the opposite. They would be rules you apply to a situation regardless of your experience. One rule might be "do not kill," but what if you're in a situation like war where you have to kill or you will die. You're experience would say to kill the enemy. But your moral law would still say don't kill.

For every choice there is probably a best answer, but the only way to decide is to use your experiance. If you blindly follow moral law you give up your freedom and your humanity. But many moral laws are usually right. It’s better not to lie for example.
A little knowledge and observation of other experiences never hurt. One needs to screw up when they see others screw up. A conscience about things are bound to show themselves. Never hurt to debate them. Sometimes politics shies from moral issues because it assumes religion is involved. But Thomas Paine (believed in God as a home praying Deist) did not have a church but argued morality in a secular manner.
Libertarians for Life, the morality of ( abortion in Scientific terms (yes I agree science can take a religious tone or be religion at times; but not here).

Really looking into the reasons why people or faiths would say something is wrong is always worth while, this can take one to understand things in a secular way why morality is how it is. Or what morality is.

Causality really puts indirect pain in our own fault when we don't even know. Did we push a block of dominos down or did we not stop it? "Cause leads to effect that go on meeting other effects and those make a new cause for a new effect." My theory of human connection and effect on each other. We live in a continuum of the perpetual penultimate (event).

Stay Cool.

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