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Originally Posted by The 9th Sage View Post
The strange thing about this is that I just blocked it out and somehow read it as Chrisofdeath. I'm not sure if this means something or not.
That means nothing really.

I'ld worry more about my 15 yr old second cousin. I was telling him how I like to stand outside on summer nights drinking coffee and how on the full moon there were always stupid fights going on in town. I told him when someone came walking up the street on nights of the full moon I would step back away from the sidewalk toward the door of my building so no arguments would occur making me beat someone senseless with my coffee cup.

Well an hour earlier he had told me it sucked he had to go to church in the morning and with that fresh in his mind he said, "What would suck would having to beat someone senseless with a coffee cup with the phrase ,What Would Jesus Do?, written on the side".

About 30 seconds later when I stopped laughing....
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