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Default Re: Still defending myself to the State 2 years later...

> I am sorry but we have found someone more qualified.

haha yeah no doubt a popular response for this. but they are only the state licensing board, not the employer. and this isn't some awesome job either. they employ their share of remedial people. some clients are more of a challenge than others. mine just happen to be uber-violent.

but since the time of posting this, my manager called and may have a more chill gig lined up for me.

still have to deal with the state screening process regardless. and as for that, I have yet to see how strict my employer is on it. technically, the state has already said in their first letter to me that I am not approved for unsupervised time with minors or vulnerable adults, pending this additional screening. but for one reason or another, the employer hasn't picked up on that yet.

anyway, it's quite possible i'll lose my job over this. i've been railroaded for a lot less, here in Dogma Town, USA.
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