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Originally Posted by Hadron View Post
Oh wow, so many replies.
Reaper man: haha, it seems, it's a quite big honour here, to get custom title, but sadly, I'm not part of dirty things. :P Ah, so many people misread my nickname, but it's just a particle. But I'm not going to change my name, it still sounds cool in my opinion.
The 9th Sage: Thank you! Well, it's not so professional compared to the best hacks, I could do it better, but I'll spend more energy to the second part. Well, here is the thread for the sequel, though I'm on a little hiath right now.
Edit: actually you can guess, English isn't my native language, so there can be a few grammar errors. I'm sorry for them in advance.

Don't worry, I won't change anything. That would be rather mean of me. Also, I'll make note of your non native speaking of English.... I only have huge issues with the idiot native English speakers that can't type properly.

Anyway, in regards to your hacks, do you do any actual hacking (ie: modifying/writing your own ASM) or do you only use pre-made level/graphics editing tools? Just wondering.
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