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The fact that insider trading is a crime is ridiculous to me. Someone told Martha Stewart that bad news was about to come out about ImClone and she might want to sell her stock beforehand to avoid losing $50,000. What the fuck is she supposed to do, hold on to it knowing she'll lose tens of thousands of dollars? That would be completely stupid.

If the people who lost money on the ImClone deal couldn't afford to lose that money, then they should be punished for stupidly putting themselves at risk. And if they could afford to lose that money, then it's no big deal.

For the record, I have no love lost for Martha Stewart. I've had to deal with her brand at two completely different jobs, once at K-Mart where all of her products had to be displayed on specially prepared shelving and another time at a meat packing plant where all of her hams had to be specially boxed. So, on a personal level, if Martha Stewart were to develop asshole cancer, I'd garner a tiny bit of satisfaction from it.

Want a better example of a judge overstepping his bounds, though? During one of my court dates, I was sitting next to a man who had been arrested for failure to appear in court. I'm not sure what his original charge was but he showed me the letter that explained why he failed to appear in court on his scheduled date. That letter was from a well known local doctor stating that the man had been in a coma for two weeks. The man presented the letter to the judge and the judge ruled that the man was a "flight risk" and would be held in jail until his next court date.

As for power to the people... It doesn't exist in America. American citizens handed over all those rights to groups like the NRA. They wouldn't know how to revolt if their lives depended on it. Read up on the coup attempt in Venezuela in 2002. When Hugo Chavez was ousted from office, the people of Venezuela stormed the capital and the coup lasted less than 48 hours. If a coup managed to take place in the US, the people wouldn't fight back, they'd go raid Wal-Mart and then cry about how coups are unconstitutional.
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