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Originally Posted by shawn View Post
Not to disagree with power to the people and the government at time way overstepping their role in society, I agree with that.

I do know about Martha Stewart though, I watch the business news and if I remember right she was found guilty of insider trading and making a bundle at the expense of other investors of whatever stock she bought before the prices went up. She basically if playing poker by knowing what cards the deck contained before the deal and placed her bets beforehand I believe would a proper analogy.
Yup, that was pretty much it, as I recall.

I do also know they did throw the book at her to make her an example what could happen to even a famous and loved billionairess. True she should have possibly paid just a huge fine and not gone to jail but the SEC and court system wanted to make her high profile crime a lesson to everyone.
Also... it's been quite a while, so i don't recall where I read or heard this, but I remember hearing from somwhere that the prosecutors really threw the book at her because they were pissed off that she unsuccessefully tried to go over their heads and use some connections to a few people in government to attempt put pressure on them to back off. Trying to pull something like that can backfire really badly.
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