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Originally Posted by InVerse View Post
However, the last part, where all you did was change the TE to ET and it affected every word that uses those letters makes me assume that you weren't hacking the TEXT but that you were hacking the MTE TABLE, (ie. the table that specifies which byte corresponds with which set of letters.)
I will indeed search around a little more to see if I can make edits elsewhere with greater ease and less craziness.

However, I do not see "Are yo__u a hunter?" and "Thank...v.y.uch..!" as likely elements of the MTE Table. The section I am working with starts around 001D-F600; can you take a look at it?

BTW, I find it interesting that the switching of "t" and "e" didn't switch every occurrence of those letters, as evidenced in the words "someehing" and "etlescope" that come up. This seems connected to the MTE, as "me" and "le" and "e (spacing information)" are all likely MTE entries, so they wouldn't be altered by the MTE shift.
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