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Default Re: 65816 Disassembler

> You don't disasemble the entire rom . . . You do set the
> bounds for which the disassembly is limited to.

Right. Let me just state that this is designed to handle one routine at a time. It was never intended to disassemble large portions with the click of a button. Hence, most of the analytical tools being built into it help you determine if you have chosen correct bounds for a routine. You could disassemble from the beginning to the very end if you wanted, but depending on the size of your rom that might require a large amount of RAM (for a 1MB rom, that'd be about 8MB of RAM. For a 4MB ROM about 32MB, and I'd be slinging you a crapload of error messages while this was happening. If you wanted to do that you'd be better off with a traditional disassembler. Of course, there is a linear override feature now which would help out
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