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You clearly have no understanding as to what's being put into place. You do realize that under ACTA, Zophar's Domain would be declared illegal, right? Emulators are blatantly illegal under ACTA. Hell, in the Netherlands it's now considered an act of piracy to mention that a copyrighted file is available for download at another location. It was ruled that saying "Such-and-such-movie is available on such-and-such-usenet-group." is illegal. It's all well and good to say that that isn't going to happen outside of the Netherlands but similar things have already happened in the US, such as the ruling that it was illegal to link to a site that offered the DeCSS software.

And where in my post was there any indication whatsoever that I was taking your post "personally"? You seem to be suffering from whatever disorder it is that causes shawn to respond to things that were never said in the first place.
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