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Ha, yeah. :/
I did forget to mention all the stuff that's new in this hack.
Heres a list of all that's new:

This hack contains:
-New Title Screen
-New Characters
-New Spells
-New Spell Animations
-New Lores (Replaced to "Weave")
-New Dialog/Menu Font
-New Item Icons
-New Items
-New Content:
--Hold "B" to run.
--"Annihilated" changed to Owned.
--Physco Cyan fix.
--"Summon" ability now works.
--"Sword Tech" (Changed to Limit) is now sped up.
--Rages renamed to "Blue"
--Controllable Rages (Blue spell after Blue spell)
--Rages are now Alphabetized.
New Characters

Some of ya may be disappointed by the new roster because it is incomplete. I work at my own pace, and by my self. I'll release a new boss hack which also contains some new stuff in it. Slowly over the months, I released new characters.

You may be wondering what "Weave" is, well when you combine two elements, it makes a new spell.
This is what I call a "Spell Weave", original or not I liked the idea and implemented it.
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