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It shouldn't. If MAME was lagging and ZiNc isn't, then ZiNc is almost certainly better as MAME would've been pushing your CPU to 100% while ZiNc probably isn't. If you're concerned about overheating (and it's good to be a bit concerned, overheating can really damage a PC) then you'll want some sort of program with which to monitor the handy temperature sensors that are built into your PC. The first result Google gave me for 'pc temperature monitor' was SpeedFan, which looks pretty good to me. Generally speaking, none of the temperatures it lists should be above 60C/140F. If they are, then that may be of concern.

Also, my opinion is that this should be in Tech Talk. The question is about whether a demanding application will cause a PC to overheat or not, which isn't specifically emulation related.
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