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Yep, for standard size SD cards you will probably have to hunt something down a slot-2 flashcard that takes them (I'm pretty sure there are no Slot-1 cards that would take a standard sized SD...they'd be way too large). Keep in mind that you would also need something such as a NoPass (a card to boot the flashcart in the GBA slot in DS mode). You may have to hunt a little, I think the ones that take standard SD may be a bit older, though I'm sure there are some.

These days, unless your heart is really set on it, I'd tell you to get a slot-1 card. In some ways they are much easier to deal with (at least in my personal experience). The slot-2 cards do have some benefits though. Many of them have GBA compatibility, and as such have built in memory that can be used with homebrew such as DS Linux and Quake 2 DS.

And personally, I like emulation on the DS. :P It is true that (for example) SNES games don't quite fit. They are still very playable though usually (and there are some scaling options, depending on the emu you choose).
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