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Default Re: Salvia - Hold onto your ass

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if you don't want to do drugs then don't, but it's kinda lame to look down on people who do, and probably not without arrogance.


Drugs DO get in the way of your life. Stop trying to make it sound like you can be a drug user and still have a grip on things. It's the product of apathy, not of control. It leads to addiction, health problems, a diverse array of shit that isn't worth the risk for nothing more than a fix or a buzz. It's expensive, I've SEEN it destroy lives and relationships. It's not arrogance, it's intelligence. You can call it what you will, and as always, you can do what you want.

Hell, this is message board, I responded to a post with my opinion. If you guys are right, why get so defensive? To whom are you directing your justification? Me? Or you.

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