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Originally Posted by Kilyle View Post
Anyway, as regards the Pointers guide: What to change if it's not NES? Do I still account for a header, and if so, of the same size? Do the pointer addresses work in the same fashion as the NES ones? Or are we back to "experiment until you stop messing things up"? (I'm not against that, but information is usually a plus.)

ETA: Wow. This has got to be the coolest first choice in hacking projects EVAR.

'Cuz apparently the pointers are the hex values, no tinkering needed.

And they're like five lines above the dictionary anyway.

I am so hyped.
In regards to Genesis pointers, I don't believe Genesis ROMs have headers (or, perhaps, all Genesis ROMs have headers) so you shouldn't have to do any calculations, as evidenced by the fact that you've already found the pointers. I think it's routine for the pointers to a MTE table to appear shortly before the table itself (at least, the two times I've hacked MTE, that's how it appeared) but for standard text pointers, they could be shortly before the main text block, shortly after the main text block or scrambled all to hell and back. (The original Dragon Ball game for NES has pointers that are about as organized as an earthquake. Oftentimes, pointers for two lines of text that are on the same screen may 50 lines apart.)

Congrats on finding the pointers so easily, a lot of people have trouble with pointers when they first start trying to hack them.

If you need any additional suggestions over the weekend, I may be a bit slow in replying. I have an 8 hour drive to a wrestling show tomorrow and an 8 hour drive home on Sunday, so my access to the Internet may be a bit erratic. (But I'll be bringing my laptop and it seems like even McDonalds offers free wireless Internet these days.)

One question, though... You're making a lot of progress in figuring out how the game works, but do you have any particular goal in mind for once you've got the system under your control? (Not that it's really necessary, hacking for the sake of hacking is a very honorable undertaking, and fully documenting a ROM can payoff handily when someone else uses your information to create their own ROM hack that you can enjoy.)
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