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Originally Posted by Maximum Potion View Post
It would be cool if this thread were made into some sort of tutorial or something, or stickied as some kind of FAQ... There's alot of cool stuff that is adressed here that alot of people ask frequently on the forum.
I was thinking the same thing about a thread from a few months ago on a different board that's gone similarly to this one.

Quite some time ago (like, around 5 years ago) I started working on a tutorial that followed every step of a translation project I was working on. Unfortunately, it never got beyond the initial stages. I really should pick it up again.

I've also been toying with the idea of making a few YouTube videos that demonstrate the most basic of hacking skills, such as hex editing, because I'm sure several people would get a much better grasp on exactly what certain things were if they could see them, rather than just reading about them.
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