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Default Re: nes emulator with cpu core frequency settings?

Well I tested out your emulator with a few games and it *seems* more responsive. I was wondering, being as such you're developing what your own emulator at the moment, what you think about possibly porting one of the open source emulators out without a tweaked clock to see what sort of results people are getting and, with those statistics in hand, quite possibly use them to reshape the development of your emulator. As such, there are a lot of "perfect" emulators already out there, maybe this [overclocking] could be the determining factor to get your emu on the clock.

I for one would like to do some more tests. As you noted, though, your emulator is far from perfect. I dunno, how hard would it be to 'flip the switch' so to speak in nestopia or FCE ultra?

just a thought,
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