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Default Re: nes emulator with cpu core frequency settings?

> He says he was able to get it up to 3.3mhz without any
> hickups at all for almost all games.

Perhaps I spoke too soon.

I couldn't see his page -- it seems to have been removed. But I was able to work it into a build of my emu (actually it wasn't as hard as I originally thought it to be -- but my setup might have made it easier -- some emus might have a harder time).

Anyway -- I'm actually very suprised by the result. There are some slight glitches in MMC3 games if you look for them. Some timing-sensitive games have major problems, and pretty much every single game to use a CPU-cycle based IRQ counter has big glitches (not many US games -- but many Japanese games)

Anyway if you're interested in checking it out, I've attached a copy -- although my emu is not very flashy (there's like next to no UI).

The overclocked version ups the NTSC clock rate up to 2x (~3.4 MHz). If you can turn off your speakers, it might be a good idea, as the higher notes get really ear piercing and horrible. PAL emulation is probably horribly destroyed in the overclocked version as I didn't mess with PAL settings (didn't test any PAL games though).

But yeah -- this is beginning to seem like an interesting idea for emus.
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