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Default nes emulator with cpu core frequency settings?

I am new to this forum so first I will just say hello and that I am quite an avid emulation fan.

I was wondering if there was a NES emulator out at the moment that allowed for overclocking the 1.7Mhz emulation that most of the emulators are fixed on. I don't mean speeding up gameplay. I was playing metroid last night, for example, and it just bothers me that no emulator I have seen has tried to address the slowdown issues inherit in that game and others. It's almost a case of emulating too perfectly, because if I fire up my NES and put on metroid, of course it does the same thing.

I was reading on slashdot about people overclocking their hardware Nintendo systems up to 4.2 mhz to fix slowdown isses [in games such as metroid]... are there any emulators that are trying to do the same?

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