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Originally Posted by hcs View Post
Understood, and I certainly recognize this, it's just that your earlier evidence was just that there was a torrent available for it, while plenty of money is being made selling things that are available free via torrent.
Well it wasn't the full story. The full story includes trying to sell software (the emulator) to people who have already downloaded other software (the games) for free*, and not having an army of well-paid lawyers to put the fear of God into them.

In this case, it's even worse. He was asking $2.50 for the 'free' version, which meant people had been used to getting it for free. Not only that, the 'free' version only existed because his demos had been cracked, meaning he expected a community that had cracked his demos to pay on the basis of nothing more than an honour system. Seems clear to me that he was getting desperate at that point.

*I know not every person who uses an emulator does this, but be realistic, 99.999% do.
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