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I actually think that the emulators simply can't handle both games without a hack or both games have som sort of bug since their original incarnations. I've checked the ones from no-intro with VBA and both simply get "frozen" (more like they simply cannot advance from a certain menu). In the case of Rocky, both the US and Europe versions don't work at the same point, which in theory rules out bad dumping since both were dumped by different groups.
Here are the CRC32 of the games if you want to compare them with yours. They are from the no-intro dats, which means they are as clean as they get:
Rocky (us) C8F4FF1B
Rocky (eu) D2E55FB5
Top Gun - Combat Zones (us) DFC88D3E

If you really want to play them, perhaps you should try other emulators to see if one can handle them.
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