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Originally Posted by hcs View Post
Er, by this logic wouldn't you also say "as far as ways of making money go, selling software is a bad one"?
Or for that matter anything digital...
Well I haven't actually paid for any software that wasn't a video game since 2002, so it would hardly be inconsistent for me to imply that.

But there does seem to be a different mentality when it comes to emulators. Most people just don't expect to have to pay money for them, and it is a bit borderline to sell an emulator for a system you have no rights over. There is also the fact that those who actually use emulators tend to be a bit more clued in to the existence of file sharing networks, and have generally decided they're going to play the video games without paying, so why pay for the emulator?

All in all, I think trying to charge for emulators is generally a bad idea. Only a few people have managed to make it work.
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