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I remember that particular issue. I don't believe it was marked as a confirmed good dump [!], but I do recall a rom marked as a bad dump for A Boy and his Blob was actually the good dump; my memory says it was [b9]. Frankly before Bootgod started his redumping/cataloging project the NES roms were a mess and there was no real reliable source for confirmed good dumps. In helping Bootgod I dumped at least a half dozen USA games that had never been dumped correctly or maybe I should say were never included in goodnes, nestoy or any dat. I believe the No Intro people have used Bootgod's site as their main source for their NES dats.

I guess what I'm trying to say is picking one rom from a set that no one had accurately cataloged does not indicate the kind of systemic problems inferred by InVerse. This issue does intrigue me and I would like to have more information on this issue if it is available. If there are problems with the GoodTools I'd like to know about them. Thanks.
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