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Originally Posted by InVerse View Post
In order to get GameShark codes to work with PCSX-Reloaded, you'll have to write the programming code needed to emulate the GameShark, insert it into the PCSX-R source code and then recompile it.
I noticed pcsx-r has cheat functionality and allows you to load a cheat file. I'm not sure what format it needs to be in, .cht or whatever but I was wondering the same thing.

I have looked on the codeplex site and a module was recently created/patched to add this within the user interface. I just cannot find any guidance on what file format pcsx-reloaded uses in order to import these cheats. InVerse, would you mind taking a look at that patch to see if this was just a user interface update? I am curious since I am not familiar with coding and cannot determine if the functionality is really working.

I am hopeful the devs are actively working on this, pcsx-r seems to be a pretty solid playstation emulator and this would just make it that much better.
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