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Originally Posted by Rune @ GSC
FYI, the codes of mine have also ended up in the GH db without my permission yet they are still there, 99% without proper credit. The last 1% are those that I actually posted recently so they weren't stolen like all of the rest were.
You requested that your codes be removed from years ago, and we removed them. We've always been pretty direct about such things, and if someone genuinely doesn't want their codes in the database, we remove them. The only codes remaining in even the BSFree database that you had any involvement in were those credited to both you and at least one other hacker (joint credit) when we received BSFree. We've left those intact, as the other hackers in question have either confirmed that they're quite happy with having their codes hosted at, or not responded at all due to not being around anymore, and it would be incorrect and unacceptable to remove your name from the credits.

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