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Being a rather new spectator of this war, I've tried to remain neutral. However, there is something I don't understand.

You keep saying that your database was stolen. The codes contained therein did not belong to any website but to the hackers that created them; a notion I'm sure you're familiar with, considering your incessant talk about proper code credit. Considering the ones who copied the database had hacked most of the codes, how can you keep saying that anything was stolen, or that it belonged to GSC in the first place?

I also don't get why you keep bringing that up, considering every code hacked by members at GH are in your database, with or without permission. I may not have that many to my name, yet all of mine end up at GSC almost immediately after I post them, as well as videos showcasing my codes with a GSC intro on youtube. I hadn't said anything to this point about it since you credit my name, but it bugs me that you point fingers at others for doing the same thing.

Can you explain this to me?
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