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Originally Posted by Jomb View Post
So everybody, there are very few group ROM-hacks out there, and some could argue there are no good group ROM-hacks out there... until now.
There are quite a few group ROM hacks available, some very good, there just haven't been many active ROM hacking groups for the last 5 years or more because most of them moved on to more productive things.

* A female ROM-hacker actually worked on this. It's true, at least one exists.
Dozens of them exist. Some of them even have vaginas. At least two are currently active in the translation scene.

PS -How would we go about getting this submitted here?
Try messaging Maximum Potion, as he's listed as the staff member in charge of ROM hacking. Granted, he hasn't logged into the site in nearly 8 months, but that's probably still your best bet.

Originally Posted by White Light Brown View Post
1. What game is it a hack OF?
Monster Party, one of the most underrated NES games of all time, along with Rambo and Clash at Demonhead. It says as much on the site, though I'll grant you that Jomb should have mentioned that in the post, for those who weren't aware that Monster Rapist was an editor for Monster Party.

2. From the website...

Yeah, images like that are par for the course for Jomb. It's pretty much the only sort of ROM hacking he does.
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