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Default Re: Curious about a certain GBA Game

Heh, just buy it. Its super cheap now, i got mine for 12 bucks, versus the 70 it cost when it came out Its short (beat it at a wedding), but fun.

And there is a way to get infinite sun, in-game. You have to finish the game once to be able to do it though (hint: it involves the seed planting, and a Mr Rainnot/TonniarRM :P)

Plant the Tonniar RM RIGHT at sunrise, (edit the clock to do this), that way the dew from the tree will fall onto him and make him a Mr Rainnot. Then just use the Mr Rainnot and keep changing you clock to make sure it never runs out. If you already have a Rainnot, then don't even bother doing this, just use it and edit the clock :P

Or you could just whore out the Dark Card, once you get it :P Theres really a ton of ways to get around the sensor. Maybe even do the infite battery if you want.

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