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Default What games are you playing lately?

I was thinking about this, and decided to ask you all what games you've been playing lately. I guess I'll list some stuff (I have way too much right now, have kind of an overload since my PC was messed up for a while and I couldn't play PC games well). Guess I just feel like talking about video games. :P

Lately for me, I've been playing Infinite Space on the DS (it's an RPG/Space Opera...ship battles are realtime, and you end up with a huge crew and up to at least 4 or 5 ships that you can customize quite a lot)

On the Wii I've got Fragile Dreams. Combat can be kind of slow, but if you want a really atmospheric story driven action RPG (one that actually has a damn good story and characters) then you should check it out. Also, I'm doing my best at playing Shiren the Wanderer, which is a rouge-like. I really liked the DS Shiren, and this seems to be more of the same awesomeness.

On the PC, I've got Beat Hazard (this is what Audiosurf would be if it were a generates levels from your music) and Aquaria. Aquaria is excellent. It's a beautiful 2D action/adventure game that kind of reminds me of Zelda and Metroid smashed together, in a good way. And also, under the sea (you should check out the demo).

I've also been playing Tidalis, by Arcen Games. It's a really great puzzle game, again, check out the demo of it on their website. That would go a long way to describing it better than I would. There are different colored blocks, each with an arrow. When you click on a block, it sends out a 'stream' (like a spark) in the direction of the arrow. This stream ignores blocks of other colors, but when it hits a block of the same color, it goes in the direction of the arrow on it (it can travel up to 3 spaces without a block of it's color). You can change the arrow direction. If it hits up to at least 3 of it's color, you'll start a chain reaction...after a bit those blocks will disappear. When the block above the one that disappeared falls down the now empty space and hits the bottom, it'll send out a stream itself. This means that once you get good, you can keep on chaining these together and get a high score.

Anyway, it's really fun. :P Enough of me talking, I want to hear what you guys have been playing lately.
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