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Originally Posted by Goku View Post
ZD is in a kind of sad state. I miss the days when there were a tonne of people here posting. I miss arguing with Quasius over liberal and conservative ideas....
I never thought I'd say this, but I miss you arguing with Quasius over liberal and conservative ideas too.

Originally Posted by InVerse View Post
Edman bought a portion of the site from SwampGas, SwampGas still owns a chunk of it. They're still making money from morons who don't use adblock and don't know that there are better sites to choose from, so they're completely unmotivated to do anything constructive.
Heh, well there's something finally that we both can agree on. Still, rather sad when you remember it as it once was.

To answer the topic in the first give the short version of the story, my GF has a kid and she's mine now too. We grew really close to one another. She's a good kid. I've known them both since she was 2. She's going into first grade feels like they grow up so fast. Heh, not that she hasn't a-ways to go, but you know what I mean.
Just can't wait to bomb some Dodongos.

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