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Why would a bunch of rich people want to involve Barak Obama, a man so poor he only paid off his student loans a couple of years before running for President?

Why would a bunch of rich people meet to discuss genocide when genocide has been perpetrated several times in the last couple of decades, generally by poor people?

If their meetings are so secretive that "what they talk about in their meetings is not known to the public" how does the public even know about the meetings in the first place?

Why are you blathering on about Illuminati bullshit that was disproven centuries ago?

I, too, am a certified genius, but it doesn't take a genius to see one obvious fact. If you involve even two such rich and powerful people in such a group, the ego clash will already such that the entire group would fall apart in the span of 3 hours.

And the "figure heads from every country in the world"? Are you fucking kidding me? They can barely co-exist in a public UN meeting that is heavily secured. Are you actually stupid enough to believe that they could exist privately, in some clandestine meeting?
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