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Chances are, nobody is going to give a shit anyway. Nintendo has been directly notified of sites being hosted on American servers, by well known web hosts, that are distributing ROMs and they're doing absolutely nothing about it. Square-Enix and the ESA were given a list of Square-Enix (Taito & Eidos, as well) titles being pirated on a server in the exact form that the ESA uses to send out it's takedown letters and they didn't bother to use it. Nobody gives a shit about ROMs anymore unless it's for DS or some such.

Assuming the ROM files aren't made publicly available, nobody would know how to send you a proper takedown notice anyway. They can't just say "We think you have illegal files here, delete them." They have to give a specific name and location of the file. (Now, granted, if the ACTA treaty passes, the ESA would be able to get your personal info from your host/ISP without a warrant and then show up and search your house for illegal software, again without a warrant, but for the time being you're safe.)

But to be honest, I can't see an online corrupter being at all useful. I know *I* would never use it and I'm a big fan of corruption.
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