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So, when I decided to start making this, my idea was to create a corrupter that would eventually be as flexible as any others available. I wanted to make it so nice and easy to use that it would become the primary corrupting tool used. Since it saves everything, this would make the data collected by corrupters available to the entire community. The goal was to have a library of data for most NES roms within a couple of years.

Unfortunately I have found out that the way the program currently works makes it illegal for me to host and make public. You see, all of the programming is server side, online. I figured if I allowed each user up to 1MB of storage for 1 file at a time to corrupt, that I would have no responsibility over what they actually upload. If the space is technically theirs, and they give their word that they legally obtained their rom file, then who am I to deny them the ability to upload it and use this program.

What if I put a disclaimer that said it is illegal to upload copyrighted roms, and that the program is intended for public domain roms only?

any ideas?
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