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Are you sure that the original ROM that you're starting with is the correct one? The biggest problems when dealing with SNES ROMs is headers. If the hacker created the patch from a ROM that has a header, then you have to apply the patch to a ROM that also has a header and vice versa. There's also the less likely possibility that the ROM needs to be interleaved/deinterleaved.

My first suggestion would be to redownload your original ROM from somewhere other than where you got it to begin with, to ensure that you don't have a bad ROM. (Just because the game runs fine doesn't mean it's doesn't have corrupt data.)

If that doesn't work, then try auditing your ROM using clrmamepro or romcenter and the No-Intro database to ensure that you have a clean ROM in the proper format.

Try adding/removing headers using NSRT or SNESTool.

And in the future, use a more detailed subject when you post. People with limited time may only look at threads in which they think they can offer assistance. If they see a thread with a generic subject such as 'help plz', there's a good chance they won't even click on it since they don't know for sure that it's something that they'll know anything about. Use something like 'Need Help Patching Super Metroid'.
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