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Default help plz

Hi i'm new to this forum so i'm not quite sure i can post that here so here my problem
i'm trying to play these mod :

-super metroid cliffhanger
-super metroid ice metal (this one work but its **** up)
-super metroid pantheon
-super metroid phazon
-super metroid redesign
-super metroid revolution

(only ice metal work but missing morph ball and **** up gameplay stuck jumping repeatedly at 1inch from ground and its been only 10min in game)

all were patch with lunar ips and ninja,i tried them both

i've tried them with zsnes 1.51 and 1.36 and with snesGT 0.218 (i will try snes9x 1.52 to see if it work)so if anyone heve something to help me you're welcome

(if its not the good place to post that say it to me i will close this topic and move it if i can ty)
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