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Default R4 For Nintendo DS's

Aye guys just bought my second r4 but this time it was way cheaper, anyways lets take a look:

Its: Price :$3.19
Thats fu*king amazing

Have you bought one of PriceAngels?
People are saying it takes 2 weeks or more to deliver, thats not a problem though.

Im not worryed if its a scam because only cost 3 bucks but i looked at this:
This was from a review.

Cons: nothing really, just make sure u dont abuse it, like step on it or get it wet just respect it like gold, because it is! p.s shipping for me was about 17 to get to my house from when i bout it, be prepared to wait, i live in cali just to give you some insight

17 Bucks for shiping when it says?~!: FREE SHIPPING

This is a clone of the real r4 aprently but it works just like one, anything i will need to know? Like the last i got one was maybe 1/2 years ago and i cant remember what i put on there i think it was a kernal of sumthing.
This is a clone so maybe i need to put something else on?~

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