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I put it in Talk Of The Town because I didn't think it was a particularly political issue and figured there are likely people that intentionally avoid the Backroom forum as a whole. I didn't put it in Game/Console Discussion because the big picture clearly involves far more than video games.

Your give a fuck-o-meter is clearly broken. You're being told what you can do with things that you paid for. Not being allowed to sell games is only the beginning. It's only one step away from it being illegal to lend your games to a friend or even to have them play your games in your own home without first purchasing a license.

And if this applies to software, it's going to apply to everything else. It won't take long until every single thing you buy will include a license forbidding you from selling the item when you no longer need it. You'll either have to destroy it or else bring it to a licensed repurchasing center. If this trend continues, people will start getting arrested for throwing away products without first destroying them, because someone else will dig it out of their trash and put it to use without a license.
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