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No, of course it's not just chicks. First of all, it would not only be incredibly sexist but also rather silly to institute a policy that only applied to females, since there are no girls on the Internet. Secondly, if there were girls on the Internet, most of the guys on this board would have bigger tits than them anyway.

Incidentally, I spent a very nice Labor Day weekend with a woman that I met through a dating site. My initial message to her said nothing more than "May I see your boobs?" I've found that such an approach (combined with the fact that I have a rather well endowed profile (on the site!)) works quite well. For the record, she didn't show me her tits at that point nor would I have been likely to have invited her out if she had. The point of all this is that women don't mind being treated as sex objects if they get cookies in return. (Of course, for that point to make any sense, I'd have to relate more details but I'm sure as fuck not giving up my dating tips to you losers without compensation!)
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