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Originally Posted by Rattlehead View Post
I've been really depressed lately (more so than usual), and I'm just wondering...

How many of you have been diagnosed (by a professional) with any mental health issues, or whatever you want to call them? If you have been diagnosed, what were you diagnosed with? What do you do to help control the symptoms?

For me, I've been diagnosed with various things, by several different doctors. I've been diagnosed with depression, OCD, ODD, bipolar disorder, and Asperger's Syndrome. I take Adderall XR, Wellbutrin XL, and Lamictal. Additionally, I was in rehab from when I was 13 to 15-and-a-half years old (I'm now a month from being 18), and my desire to not go back is a big motivator, as well.
That I know of
Higher-functioning autism "Asperger's Disorder" (eww try pronouncing that?), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and general anxiety disorder
I've got some parts of schizophrenia in me (obviously)--for which one cannot simultaneously be diagnosed with ASD (which instead by my writing style is obviously my infliction). I get thoughts of paranoia as if nature itself turns against me when some really unlucky crap happens (or roughly unlucky but fairly common as if to increase my hostility by rubbing it in that it's not obviously coincidental enough for me to confidently suspect "God").
If in example I learn someone is talking about me I know thoughts of very pessimistic reaction, like I am being attacked. I know it's taken as self-centered-ness, but it's a very negative sensitivity.

Currently I am taking only mirtazapine. This help controls panic symptoms "anxiety" and some depression, but I registered for it only to help me sleep sooner. I used to stay up like 72 hours against my own will (just plain couldn't sleep) and still believe sleep is overrated.

What I want us to summon is that in general: Depression is caused mainly by desire. In instance: Loving someone for who they are frees us of instinctial thoughts of sexual desire and egocentricity. Darkness times for mortals in which we feel hatred/desire/despair (all linked to the same root cause) link to our enjoyment of thoughts of wit/cleverness coming to us naturally...while as humans we seem to do better learning to grow more conscious of our thoughts and subconscious to understand ourselves better and know where we went wrong. Why do we deserve to suffer?

edit I am almost absolutely not bipolar though, I know a girl who so obviously is but wasn't diagnosed, extremely likely she should have been
Bipolar is an important theme in this I think. Following darkness but succeeding we can sometimes feel an anti-depressive sensation of magic, but when spirits such as luck turn down on us we may become depressed.

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