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Originally Posted by White Light Brown View Post
1. The swearing. It feels so forced, it's a bit of a turnoff. Nothing wrong with swearing, but it has to be executed properly, or else you're just trying to do it to be funny.

2. "Kooper Troopers?" Really!?

3. The game doesn't look THAT hard actually. You're dying on some relatively easy shit. And your screaming rage when you die is harsh to listen to. I mean you're that mad that you simply ran into a fireline in Bowser's castle? Jesus, man, video games get a lot harder than that. Settle down.

Your videos wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the forced shouting into the mic.
I admit I fucked up...sorry

Hopefully they will get better

I apologize for my last review for sucking so much ass. It was just a fuckin mess.

Hopefully the next one is better.

I also read comments that I was sounding like a ripoff of the AVGN and the Super Mario Bros Frustration Guy. Well I am not intending to do it, and if I did sound like it. I apologize.

For those of you who liked it. Thanks, I really don't like it, but thanks for watching it.

It's just tough doing this. I get really nervous.

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