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Originally Posted by Lillymon View Post
It's exactly this type of thinking that ensures no politician will ever give a shit what you think. You're clearly not going to vote at all, you may as well not exist to them.
well, don't we just jump to conclusions?

You don't understand. the people don't elect the president of the united states. the electoral college does. and in only half of the states are those electors tied to voting the way the populace does. the state senates elect the electors. this means the state senates are in charge of who votes the president.

the way the government works, is that the people vote within their state, and the federal government is governed by the states themselves. we all vote for president, but for at least half of us, the vote actually has no bearing on who actually gets into office; which is why I urge people to deal with the branch of government they're supposed to be voting for. I know BBC gives the impression that it's a direct democracy. I'm sorry to have to tell you it's false. the electoral college is swayed by the state governments. and the president is elected by the electoral college.

I am going to vote, but being I no longer live in the United States of America, I'll be filing an overseas ballot, which is counted in the federal tally, but isn't really applied to the electoral college in any way, as I no longer live in a state. so not only is my presidential vote worthless, but I don't have state, county, or local governments to vote for. my vote really doesn't count.

but I vote libertarian usually, when I don't have a full-on anarcho-capitalist running. the libs are a bit too light on the minimization of government for my liking. so I'll probably be voting Bob Barr, for whatever that's worth.

but getting to the original point, if you vote for either of the two totalitarian puppets, you'll still be voting totalitarian. though this point might be lost on someone in the UK; England is second only to China when it comes to government surveillance. you're feeling it every day, so you think it's normal.

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