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Default Re: nafta gatt the economy and jobs

Yeah, I'm really worried about the economy here. Value producers are being paid dick while the leeches at the top are getting fatter and fatter. The dollar's tanking because the gov's printing bushels of money and handing it to exploiters rather than value producers.

And by exploiters, I mean everyone trying to make money by shuffling dollars around or holding property instead of creating value. (read: stock & real estate markets, loans and banking) More and more people are trying to jump on the "do nothing useful and get rich bandwagon" while the group of hardworking naives willing to be exploited is shrinking. In short, everyone wants to sit on their ass and rent apartments for $250,000 a year while the rest of the country serves them their coffee, builds their cars, paves their roads, delivers their papers, refinishes their floors and collects their garbage all preferably for $7.25 an hour.

Wow, I sound like Karl Marx. Too bad his solution is bullshit.

I think some protectionism may be a good short-term solution, but really, America has some deep-rooted problems that aren't going to be sorted out any time soon -- namely, we've raised an MTV generation that's never gone hungry enough to have a work ethic.
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