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Default Katamari Damacy and/or We Love Katamari psf2 rip, anyone?

Hey all, I was wondering if anyone out there on the interwebs had either of these ripped soundtracks. I remember awhile ago at least Katamari Damacy was hosted here on ZD, but I've since lost the songs in the course of time. I know there are some official soundtracks I could look into, but I'd much rather have them direct from the source (I rather enjoyed the 20 minute looping songs from the Katamari Damacy rip).

I suppose it makes sense that lots of sites took those rips down, as they were so huge, but now I'm stuck searching all over google, constantly finding promising links only to see 0 seeders. :(

If anyone has these, I would love you very much for sharing! :D
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